As a landowner, when travellers arrive on your property it can be a stressful experience. You simply want to evict them quickly and with a minimal amount of problems. At The Bailiff Company, we can act immediately to help you evict travellers from your land.

It’s a common misconception that you require a court order to remove an illegal encampment from private land. You can go down the court route and obtain a possession order, but this is costly and time-consuming.

The quickest method for evicting travellers is to use Common Law. This enables our bailiffs to move groups of gypsies on immediately – often clearing the site on the same day we’re instructed.


Removing travellers from your land

We can start by serving an eviction notice to the travellers. This typically gives them till the following day to leave the site of their own accord.

When our bailiffs attend the site to serve notices they will also conduct a risk assessment. This enables us to plan the best resources should an eviction be required.

In some instances, this is all that is needed to move the group on. However, there are cases where we will still need to carry out a forced eviction if they haven’t left.


Evict travellers the same day

The longer traveller groups remain on your land, the more problems you can encounter. This can be costly for the business (customers may stay away or you may need to close), so getting them off the land quickly is essential.

If the travellers have been served with an eviction notice and not left (or you require them evicting immediately) we will use Common Law to move them. This enables private landowners to instruct a bailiff to retake possession of the land.

You do not need to go to court to evict travellers. Carrying out an eviction this way reduces the time taken and the costs involved.


Instruct a certificated enforcement agent

It’s important that you utilise the services of a professional bailiff company to evict travellers. Bailiffs (otherwise known as Certificated Enforcement Agents) are properly trained, experienced and insured.

At The Bailiff Company, we have a network of fully trained agents across the country who carry out this type of work every day. They understand the problems that can arise on site and know how to deal with cases effectively. This ensures that traveller groups are evicted from sites quickly and using the correct resources.

We liaise with the relevant local agencies, including the police service, to ensure illegal encampments are moved swiftly and peacefully. We can be on site within a matter of hours from being instructed and typically have the site cleared on the same day.

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