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Gypsy/Traveller Eviction

Are you a private landowner, property management company, local or district council? Have you an illegal traveller encampment on your land that you need evicting as soon as possible?

We can evict travellers, gypsies, itinerants and any other type of trespasser under The Common Law, Magistrates Warrant or Order for Possession.

If you are a private landlord YOU DO NOT NEED A COURT ORDER FOR POSSESSION. It is your land and you are allowed under Halsbury’s Laws of England and The Common Law to evict trespassers and all of their vehicles and belongings from your land. This action is also endorsed by the Government and you can find more information on removing trespassers from your land in the current Home Office Guidance on the removal of Illegal Encampments.

Once you have instructed us, we will dispatch a Certificated Enforcement Agent [Bailiff] to the site on the same day in the majority of cases or, if instructed late evening, first thing in the morning.

We have 2 levels of service:

STANDARD: We will attend the site (normally same day) and make contact with the trespassers. We will serve all the travellers with an eviction notice and also post notices around the land in accordance with Court CPR Rules. Our Bailiff will encourage the travellers to leave peaceably. The Bailiff will assess the situation on site and report back. We can then plan an eviction operation should it be required.

The next day, if they have not left the site we will send our eviction team to evict as with the ENHANCED Service as you instruct.

ENHANCED: We will attend with sufficient bailiffs to immediately evict the travellers. A tow truck will also attend. We will serve them with an immediate eviction notice and give them normally 2 hours to pack their belongings. Should they refuse to leave we will request the attendance of the Police (to prevent a Breach of the Peace) and wait till Officers attend. We will then forcibly evict the travellers using all our resources at hand. Travellers normally at this stage have given in and left the site. Be in no doubt, if they do not, WE WILL forcibly evict them.

The Bailiffs will post Notice of Eviction around the site and will also serve notices on the trespassers. They will be given reasonable notice to leave the site, which can often be as short as ONE HOUR. If we are evicting immediately our Tow Truck Crew will also be on site to remove caravans and vehicles and the local Police will be requested to attend. Whilst they will not assist with a Common Law eviction, they will ensure the travellers do not cause a Breach of the Peace or assault any of our Bailiffs.


Often travellers will padlock themselves in a building compound and use the Criminal Law Act 1977 to prevent their eviction. We have developed a method of obtaining legal access to these sites and securing the eviction of the travellers.

If you have trespassers on your land you can instruct The Bailiff Company either by sending details to enforcement@bailiffcompany.co.uk or if the matter is urgent call our landline numbers or send a text to 07799 888062 and we will have a bailiff call you back immediately.

We always treat traveller evictions as very urgent and will always attend on the same day we are instructed if daylight permits. If instructed late evening we will attend around 07:00 hours the very next day.

Our satisfied clients include many local and district Councils, Football Clubs, Leisure Centre Chains, Brewery Chains, Shopping Centres, Property Management Companies, PLC’s and smaller private landowners. We provide an immediate eviction service throughout England & Wales.