Debt Recovery

Here at the Bailiff Company, our expert debt recovery team can work with you to recover any commercial debts you’re owed, including unpaid invoices for goods and services. Whether you need to recover County Court Judgements or personal debts, we are here for you. 

Our sister company CEA Ltd specialises in unpaid invoice debt, small business cash flow, customer debt and judgements.

The first step is to contact the debtor and negotiate repayment with them. Coming from a third party this can be surprisingly effective and will often result in a successful outcome.

We will point out to the debtor the consequences of not repaying a debt, such as a CCJ or poor credit history.

If this approach is unsuccessful, we can have a County Court Judgement issued against your debtor. Once the judgement is issued it can be transferred up to a High Court Writ and we can enforce this as ‘Sheriff Officers’.

All fees and costs are the liability of the debtor and nothing will be taken from your judgement debt when it is collected.

If you already have a judgement, we provide a transfer up service to a High Court writ.

Whatever type of debt you have, CEA Ltd can meet all your requirements. We have a team of Bailiffs across the country, who are experienced in obtaining debt payments in full.


Leeds: 0113 418 2817
Newcastle: 0191 449 0315
Midlands: 0115 722 2817
Manchester: 0161 327 2814
Birmingham: 0121 769 0512
London: 020 3633 5116


Registered Office:

Berrington House,
1 Selby Place, Skelmersdale,
Lancashire, WN8 8EF

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