If you’ve never needed to serve legal documents before, you might not be aware of what a process server does. However, it’s important that these papers are served in the correct manner.


What is a process server?

A process server will hand deliver documents relating to ongoing legal cases that need to be personally served on one or more of the parties involved. This could include notifying them of the proceedings and applications for court orders.

The correct serving of these documents is an important element of many legal proceedings. This is why it’s vital to use an appropriate person, to carry out the serve. They will ensure that the person detailed in the court proceedings is the actual person who is served.

A process server will also be responsible for filing the relevant documentary evidence. This could be a statement of service or, depending on the type of legal proceedings, a sworn affidavit of service.

It will be likely in any legal case that there will be some point when you will require the service of a process server. They can also assist you in tracing individuals before service if you don’t have an up to date address. Process servers are experienced in dealing with individuals who may not want to accept service of legal documents.


What documents are served by a process server?

There are a wide variety of legal documents that need to be personally served. These include divorce papers, bankruptcy petitions, claim forms, tenant or landlord lease break notices, family and children proceedings, non-molestation orders, witness summons and statutory demands.

Each of these documents will have certain requirements on how they can be served. At The Bailiff Company, we are experts in process serving and have clients across England and Wales.

We understand the processes involved and have an in-house team who produce the relevant statements and evidence for each job. This ensures that all of our clients receive the same high standard of documentation each and every time.

We can effect urgent service of documents where necessary, such as court orders with a power of arrest attached. In these cases, we can make the first service attempt within two hours of being instructed.

The Bailiff Company also has an experienced team of tracing agents, who can quickly locate individuals. This ensures that the papers are served at the correct address and time isn’t wasted visiting the wrong property.


Finding a process server

At The Bailiff Company, we have a network of experienced process servers located across England and Wales. This includes process servers in Leeds, Birmingham, London, Manchester and Newcastle.

We can carry out a quick and effective service of a variety of legal documents, including same day and urgent process serves where necessary. Our great value fixed fees mean that you and your client will know exactly how much the serve will cost.

To discuss your process service needs, including bulk deals, contact our office team on 0113 532 8350 or email process@bailiffcompany.co.uk.



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