The divorce process can be stressful enough without the added worry of whether your spouse has received the papers. This is where the use of a professional process server to serve divorce papers can be of assistance.

A process server typically works with solicitors to personally serve a range of legal papers on individuals and businesses. This includes the serving of divorce papers.


Why use a process server to serve divorce papers?

Sometimes divorce proceedings can be quick and straightforward, particularly if you agree on arrangements for children and maintenance. However, where the parties concerned don’t agree it can result in numerous court hearings.

When you attend at court the judge will require proof that your spouse has been personally served with the relevant documents. By using a process server to complete this it avoids having to make unnecessary contact with your spouse. It is also a guaranteed form of service, rather than risking the post.

It could be the case that the other party isn’t aware of the divorce proceedings or doesn’t want to agree to it. There might be a concern that they will react badly, even being violent or abusive. A process server will be accustomed to these circumstances and can be prepared for such a backlash. This method also avoids any personal feelings being involved in the situation.

Court Bailiffs can be used for the serving of divorce papers, but this can make the process harder. They are unlikely to visit the residence out of hours, meaning that a spouse could avoid being served for a considerable period of time.

With the use of a private process server, if they are aware of specific working hours, they will visit the property at a time when they expect the spouse to be at home. Where they are unable to serve the documents on the first attempt, they will return at a different time of the day.


Tracing missing spouses

Serving divorce papers can become more complicated if you have lost contact with a spouse. Where you don’t know their current address, it can be costly and time consuming to try and locate them yourself. However, a process server will have the resources available to quickly and accurately trace a missing spouse.


Nationwide process serving

At The Bailiff Company, we can help you with all your process serve requirements across England and Wales. We work for solicitors around the country, including in Leeds, London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Our agents work out of hours where necessary, providing a higher success rate at the first attempt of service. We can handle standard serves of divorce papers, as well as urgent and next day cases and traces.

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