It’s been a busy start to the week at The Bailiff Company. Our certificated enforcement agents (bailiffs) have already carried out a quick traveller eviction for a new client.

We received a phone call from a site in the Blackburn area, where a group of travellers had arrived. There were only three caravans with a number of adults and children present. However, it quickly became apparent that the client was having problems with the travellers.

The group of travellers had earlier been evicted from a nearby site by the police. They had then driven through the gates of the client’s site and set up camp.


Help to remove travellers

We initially advised the client that an early morning eviction the following day might be the best approach. This would make the best use of the daylight and mean that the whole group were present at the site.

However, following further telephone conversations with the client, it was necessary to get our bailiffs to the site as soon as possible.

The travellers were making a nuisance of themselves, by blocking roller shutter doors on the site and preventing employees from leaving. They had also tried to extort money from the business in return for leaving the site.


Same day traveller eviction

On arrival at the commercial premises, our enforcement agents quickly carried out a risk assessment. The travellers informed them that they would be leaving in 48 hours and repeated their request for money. Both of these demands were rejected by the bailiffs and they informed the group they needed to leave immediately.

Within one hour of arrival (and just three hours from the initial call) the travellers had cleared the site. The client was impressed with the speed of the traveller eviction and commented that the bailiffs were efficient and professional.


It is possible to carry out a traveller eviction from private land immediately, without the need for court action. Our certificated enforcement agents have a vast experience of dealing with these situations.

If you have problems with travellers on commercial land then contact us today to find out more about our same day traveller eviction service.



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