Often the main concern when you find that gypsies are on your land is removing them. You might think that the building itself will be ok, as the travellers are only in the office or factory car park.


Traveller groups cause substantial damage to a site


Damage to buildings from traveller groups

That’s not always the case, as we have been finding out in recent times. Some months ago, we attended and evicted a group of travellers in East Yorkshire.

It was only when we went into the encampment that we discovered that they had smashed their way into the offices. They’d caused substantial damage, removing any scrap, including wiring, ducting and radiators. The damage was so extensive that the block was rendered useless and had to be demolished.


Securing empty sites from travellers

Last week we attended another illegal gypsy encampment on an office block in the West Midlands. There were 18 caravans and the landlord left them there over a weekend. There was no suggestion that anything was amiss.


Travellers cause a significant amount of damage to buildings

When our Bailiffs entered the encampment, they found that the office block had been entered at three separate points. The travellers had entered by simply smashing down external doors and windows. A search of the interior found that tens of thousands of pounds of damage had been caused.


Keep your site protected from illegal traveller encampments


Ceilings had been ripped down, wiring was torn out, ducting removed and every internal window was smashed.



Travellers have caused significant damage to the building


All the central heating radiators had been removed from the system and were laid out neatly ready to remove. This had resulted in a substantial amount of water damage.



The damage caused by travellers inside a building

As is obvious, the damage is extensive and is so serious that the owner has had to arrange for the building to be demolished.

The damage caused to the site received coverage in the Daily Mail. Click here to read more.

Quickly evicting travellers from your land

Travellers will enter buildings and remove any metal parts without a thought as to what damage will result.

We can prevent this by supplying manned security pre and post-eviction. This will ensure that prior to an eviction the travellers are unable to access any buildings. Following a successful traveller eviction, the security will prevent them from re-entering the site.

Whilst this might seem an additional cost and burden, it is, realistically far cheaper than having your office block destroyed.

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