Business car parks can be a prime location for travellers looking for land to set up an encampment. They are often easily accessible areas, which are very poorly protected outside of business hours. There are a number of ways you can protect your business car park from travellers.


The problem of trespassers on car parks

Where you have travellers that get onto your private car park they can cause numerous problems for the business. This can include preventing access for your employees; acting in an intimidating way or leaving the area littered with waste.

Traveller encampments can quickly grow in size if they are left unchallenged. The best way of preventing travellers from accessing private land is to ensure your car park is properly secured.


Securing your car park from travellers

Removing travellers from private land comes at a cost to the landowner – the local police don’t usually assist with most cases. Therefore, preventing travellers from getting onto your land in the first place is the best approach.

The type of security measures you adopt will depend on the individual circumstances; such as when and how you need access.

Where the land is not in use and vehicles don’t need to regularly get on and off, concrete barriers will be the most effective solution. These are ideal for vulnerable pieces of land and act as a clear sign to travellers that trespassing will not be tolerated.

For large sites, a physical barrier will help to prevent trespassers from getting on your land. This can include fencing around the perimeter, with barriers or gates at access points. A longer term and aesthetically pleasing approach could be trees or shrubs around the land. These types of security measures will put travellers off, as it requires more effort to get onto the land.

In some circumstances, it might be necessary to opt for a manned security service. This can be useful for empty or derelict sites that may need a short term, but effective, security solution. Where there is a physical security presence on the site, especially outside of business hours, it can deter travellers and other trespassers from breaking in.

Another security prevention measure could be to install a CCTV or alarm system. This enables you to have eyes on the site at all times, even in the evenings and at weekends. There are different systems that you can choose from, including ones that can be remotely monitored or triggered by movement.


How to evict travellers from private land

Unfortunately, even when you take measures to secure your land, there are instances when travellers manage to gain access. This can be a stressful and distressing time, but there are ways you can quickly evict travellers from your land.

At The Bailiff Company, we work with private landowners across the UK, including Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham, to carry out traveller evictions. Our Certificated Enforcement Agents (bailiffs) will attend on the traveller site, serve the group with notices and, where necessary, carry out a controlled and peaceful eviction.

We have a vast amount of experience of evicting travellers from car parks, retail parks, supermarket sites, business parks, construction sites and derelict land. We work in conjunction with our clients to evict traveller encampments as quickly as possible, often on the same day they instruct us.

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