The Bailiff Company were instructed by a new client to evict a traveller camp in Wetherby, West Yorkshire. Arriving on site in the morning, our Yorkshire based enforcement agents had cleared the site by the evening.


Traveller evictions from private land

Gypsy camps can cause a great deal of stress and problems for local businesses. This particular group had turned up on Saturday evening, resulting in a business having to close on Sunday. This meant they had to turn away valuable customers.

On private land, the landowner has the rights to evict travellers without going to court. At The Bailiff Company, we work under The Common Law and can quickly and effectively evict travellers from your sites.


Traveller camp evictions in Yorkshire

In this instance, we were instructed on Monday evening to carry out an eviction the following morning. When our bailiffs arrived on site there were a total of eight caravans, 10 vehicles and around 30 people (including a number of children).

Some of the travellers in this particular group were known to be aggressive. They had already been in a fight with locals over the weekend. Our enforcement agents are well trained and experienced in dealing with such groups. On arriving at the site, they carried out a health and safety assessment to determine the best approach for eviction.

In the first case, they attempted to negotiate a peaceful removal of the travellers. However, it soon became apparent that this approach was not going to work. This resulted in a standoff between the bailiffs on site and the gypsies.

With our gypsy evictions, we can bring in additional bailiffs as required to ensure the site is cleared. Extra enforcement agents were sent to the Wetherby site in the afternoon to support those already there.


Same day traveller evictions

We also work in conjunction with the local police service to prevent a breach of the peace. They are always informed prior to a traveller eviction and attend at the site where necessary. For this job, they sent four patrol cars and a van, as well as the duty Inspector attending. The presence of the police stopped the travellers from fighting, but they were still not leaving the site.

Police at Wetherby traveller camp eviction

Following discussions with the police, the bailiffs began to move the tow truck in for a forced eviction. This tactic showed the travellers that they weren’t going to be able to stay on the site and they began to move. Within 90 minutes of this, the site had been cleared.


Traveller removals

Once the travellers had been evicted from the site, there was a substantial amount of food and human waste left. Our bailiffs advised the landowners to instruct a professional company to clean up the car park and office entrance areas.

Rubbish from traveller camp

They also provided them with advice on protecting the site from any further incursions. This is a service we offer to all our clients following the removal of a gypsy group. It’s often not till they’ve had to deal with a traveller problem that businesses understand the risks they are facing. There are temporary solutions, including bringing in bollards at entrances, as well as more permanent solutions you can put in place, such as height restrictors, to prevent travellers from moving onto the land.


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We provide professional traveller removal services with realistic pricing to clients across Yorkshire and throughout the UK. All of our enforcement agents wear smart branded uniforms with the appropriate safety equipment and are fully qualified. Where possible, we work to evict traveller groups on the same day – reducing the inconvenience to business owners and the loss of income.

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