Where you need to keep a business premise or area of land secure, there are advantages to using a manned security service. Having a team of security personnel onsite can be far more effective than the use of CCTV and remote monitoring.

Here we look at some of the key benefits to your business of having manned security on site.


A crime deterrent

Whether you’re looking to protect your site from criminal activity or trespassers, security guards can act as a bigger deterrent than a passive system. Thefts are less likely to take place as there is a greater risk of the criminals getting caught. A visible security patrol can put off potential thefts and reduce the potential losses for your business.


Prevent unauthorised access

The use of manned guarding will also stop travellers and other trespassers getting onto the land. These groups can cause considerable damage to a site if left unattended; from mindless acts of vandalism through to the theft of construction materials, steel and other goods. There can also be the clean-up costs associated with moving travellers from your land. All of these can be minimised by investing in security patrols for your business.


Benefits over CCTV systems

There has been a number of technological advancements recently in the area of CCTV. However, these systems still cannot compete with the levels of protection and responsiveness offered by manned security.

As opposed to CCTV cameras or alarms, onsite security personnel have the ability to act instantly. This reduces the impact of any thefts or trespasser incursions. They are also trained to spot possible situations before the problem escalates.


Respond to different problems

A manned security service isn’t just beneficial to reduce thefts. They can also help with other problems, such as being first on the site in the case of a fire or flood. Having a team on site 24 hours a day means that the risk of damage being caused is minimised. For instance, where trespassers gain access to your land, the property could be vandalised or valuables stolen. They will be deterred from targeting manned sites, preferring to move onto empty properties.


Reassurance for staff and visitors

Manned security teams are not just beneficial for outside of business hours. They can also be a valuable asset for the company by offering reassurance to those working on and visiting the premises. Security guards can be present in reception areas to meet and greet visitors, provide help and directions and respond quickly to any situations.

This isn’t only helpful for visitors to your business – it can offer reassurance for employees. Knowing that there is a security team that they can call upon enables them to focus on their work. They know that guards are protecting the site at all times from thefts and other criminal activities.


Employing a manned security service

If you’re looking to use manned guarding in your business then we can source professional and experienced guards wherever you are in the UK. From security guards in Manchester through to a 24-hour security service in London, at The Bailiff Company we’ve got exactly what you need.

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