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Removal of Squatters

If you have squatters at your commercial or residential properties, our Bailiff Teams can assist in their eviction. There are legal requirements that you need to consider in either of these situations.

Squatting in a residential property is a crime and the Police should assist in their removal.

If there are squatters in commercial premises a Possession Order may be required. We can assist in obtaining this and then have it immediately transferred to a writ. We will then enforce as ‘Sheriff Officers’ and can provide a team of specialist bailiffs nationwide. With the assistance of the Police, and other specialists that may be required, we will enter the premises and remove (by force if necessary) the squatters.

Following their removal, our site security team can ensure that the building is made safe and secured, to prevent squatters from re-entering.

Between being instructed and the removal of the squatters, we can provide on site manned or electronic security to protect, where possible, your assets.

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