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Most private land owners or businesses don’t consider the impact of having travellers on their land until they turn up. Then it can bring up a whole host of problems and needs resolving quickly. There are measures you can take to evict travellers from private land.

Travellers on your land

When you have travellers arrive on your land it can cause a great deal of inconvenience for the business. Travellers will often set up on car parks, retail parks, green space and other large open areas.

Their presence can prevent employees from getting onto the site and customers being worried about using the facilities. Therefore, it is essential that you take swift and decisive action to remove them.

What to do when you have travellers on your land

The main thing to remember when travellers appear on your property is not to panic. There are quick and effective measures that you can take to remove the travellers. There’s no need to wait for court action.

If there are traveller caravans and other vehicles parked on your private land, such as car parks and fields, these can be evicted under the Common Law. You don’t have to obtain a Possession Order from the court.

With a quick call to The Bailiff Company you can evict travellers from your land without any hassle. We can even move them on the same day if required, so there’s no need to worry they’re going to be there for days.

Evict travellers from your land

Private land traveller evictions are carried out by our team of Certificated Enforcement Agents (bailiffs) who will move the travellers peacefully. They have a vast amount of experience of dealing with these situations and act in a professional manner.

Where necessary, we will liaise with the local police to provide assistance. Once the travellers have left, we can also discuss the ongoing security of the site to prevent a similar situation occurring in the future.

You can find out more about our nationwide traveller eviction service here or contact us today if you have an urgent requirement.