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Commercial Forfeiture of Lease

Under a standard lease, any commercial tenant who is 21 days in arrears with the rent can have his lease forfeited by the landlord. There is no need to pay a solicitor or obtain a Court Order and you do not have to give the tenant any notice of this action. We undertake this work under The Law of Property Act and The Common Law.

One of our Certificated Enforcement Agents [Bailiff] will attend at the premises out of hours (such as early morning, late evening or night depending on the type of business) along with a locksmith to gain peaceable entry and change the locks. The tenant is then locked out and the lease has been forfeited.

We will post notices regarding the forfeit and also the appropriate notices under the Torts Interference with Goods Act, which deals with any property that the tenant has left on the premises. Following this, fixtures & fittings cannot be removed by the tenant or anything that would leave or cause damage to the building. At The Bailiff Company we will deal with all enquiries by the tenant and will allow them access (at their cost) to remove items of their personal property.

To instruct The Bailiff Company to carry out a commercial lease forfeiture simply complete the online Warrant to Forfeit. Then email the completed warrant to enforcement@bailiffcompany.co.uk and we will send a confirmation of receipt by return.