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What is a Bailiff?

You might never have needed to use the services of a bailiff before and may not even know what we do, but we can talk you through all the steps.

A Bailiff is now called a Certificated Enforcement Agent. There are only around 1,500 of us in the country and for certain types of enforcement using a ‘Bailiff’ is a legal requirement. For other tasks, although it’s not a legal requirement to use a Bailiff, many Local / District Councils and Companies use our Certification as a means of discharging their ‘Due Diligence’ requirements.

The Bailiff Company Services

We provide a nationwide Bailiff Service, with a Head Office in Leeds. We undertake a number of different services.

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

This is service that is carried out at NO COST to the commercial landlord. We guarantee we will never * bill the landlord for any enforcement fees relating to CRAR.

Commercial Forfeiture of Lease

This can be used as an alternative to CRAR. If the rent is more than 21 days overdue under the lease then we can make a peaceful entry to the demised premises, change the locks and deny the tenant access. On many occasions the tenant needs to gain access to continue trading and we have a good track record of taking a payment in full from the tenant. As the landlord, you will then receive your rent arrears and can give the tenant a new licence / lease to reoccupy the premises.

Removal of Travellers and Squatters

If you have travellers or squatters they can cause inconvenience to the business and we will remove them from your buildings or land. We do not stand for any excuses from these trespassers and they are removed as quickly as possible. For travellers this can be carried out immediately, but it will always be within 24 hours.

Debt / Money Claims

If you have a debt or a judgement for money we can enforce this under a High Court Writ. We provide a complete service from a simple debt collection, through to issue of judgement for enforcement by ‘Sheriff’s Officers’. Your judgement is transferred to the High Court for free [Court Fees apply]. All our costs and the Sheriff’s are taken from the debtor. We also collect any court fees you have paid and they are returned to you.

Possession Orders

We can enforce these under a High Court Writ, generally for possession of land or Commercial assets against trespassers. We can assist at County Court, serve the Order upon the trespassers and finally evict the trespassers from your property. We can also undertake this action for tenants of residential property, however you should bear in mind that County Court Bailiffs may be able to undertake that action at a cheaper cost than ourselves.

Site Security

We work in partnership with a fully licensed Security Company who are also part of the Approved Contractor Scheme. Through them we can provide site security, manned guards, PiR protection, cameras, fencing, road blockers. This can complement our removal of travellers service and provide you with a single point of contact for all your needs.