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Traveller encampments on private land are an inconvenience and cost that you don’t want to be constantly having. However, there are measures you can take to make your site less appealing.

When you have a traveller encampment on your land we can work quickly to evict them. We can also offer assistance to create a more secure site in the first place.

Even with additional measures in place, it’s not guaranteed to prevent unauthorised access. There are a number of methods you can employ and these examples are not an exhaustive list.

Vulnerability to travellers and unauthorised access

The first step is to review the current security of the site, as if you were attempting to gain access. Start with the perimeter and see where a vehicle with a trailer or caravan could get in.

Simple barriers or small gaps in the road will not necessarily be effective. Travellers will use a variety of ways to get onto a site.

Preventing unauthorised access

One means of preventing traveller encampments is to build mounds at strategic points. These don’t need to stand out and can be designed as part of the overall landscape.

They can be created from rubble and then covered with grass or plants. The mounds can help to fill in spaces between buildings, trees and other structures or used to back-up the perimeter.

Digging ditches can also work to stop travellers gaining access when used in conjunction with other measures. These can be bridged by the travellers and you also need to consider any drainage issues.

A cheap, but effective, way of blocking access is to use obstacles that can’t be moved easily. This includes boulders or large tree trunks and other objects that are sympathetic to the landscape.

Fencing and gates are another option, but, depending on the materials, these can come at a significant cost. Steel fencing is more effective than wooden designs, but costs more and isn’t as visually pleasing.

When you’re specifying gates you need to consider the type of locks, to prevent them being forced open. It’s also important to check they can’t be lifted off from the hinges.

Illegal traveller encampments on my land

If travellers have gained access to your site we can help you evict them as quickly as possible. Click here for details of all our traveller eviction services.