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Meet The Bailiff Company at Brand Yorkshire

Meet The Bailiff Company at Brand Yorkshire

The Bailiff Company will be exhibiting at the 9th Annual Brand Yorkshire Business Conference on Thursday 4th October 2018. Come and visit us on stand 86.

The event, which is free for delegates, will take place at Pavilions of Harrogate from 8.30am – 4.30pm. To register for the conference in advance click here.

We can help businesses with a variety of issues. This includes collecting invoice debts, commercial rent recovery, lease forfeits and traveller evictions.

Come and speak to us on the day at Brand Yorkshire or contact us to find out more about our services.


Professional bailiffs can be trusted to remove travellers

Professional bailiffs can be trusted to remove travellers

A recent article in the Daily Express raised concerns about the use of ‘fake bailiffs’ removing travellers from private land. The issue was highlighted as a scam to con money out of private landowners.

For those who’ve never had to use bailiffs or Certificated Enforcement Agents before this article could be quite alarming. It may put them off taking their own action against travellers, which under Common Law can be a quick and effective method.

Using bailiffs to evict travellers

At The Bailiff Company we can be trusted to work on behalf of private landowners to remove travellers. We are a registered company, VAT registered and carry out traveller evictions for a range of national companies, as well as District and Local councils.

We employ Certificated Bailiffs, who are all fully trained in evictions. Many of them are ex Police Officers and have a good relationship with local police forces and gypsy liaison officers. They are all fully vetted before they start work.

When on site our staff all wear branded uniforms and conduct themselves in a professional manner. We would never take cash from clients for any type of work and all payments are made by BACS transfer.

If required we can move travellers on the same day and work under Common Law. This enables private landowners to do so without the need to go to court. However, if necessary we can also work using a Possession Order (High Court Writ).

There was also a concern in the Daily Express article that landowners were being forced into paying travellers large sums of money to leave. This would then be relayed to other travellers in the area and mean more groups would turn up on the land.

We would never recommend a client paid a group of travellers to leave their land, but we do know this can be a problem. We’ve heard of one landowner on the Wirral who paid travellers £15,000 to leave.

Across the country

The ‘fake bailiff’ scam has reportedly been operating in parts of Birmingham and Stoke, as well as areas of London. We have a specialist eviction team based in the West Midlands and North London who can attend to sites on the same day.

We can provide our services across the country and have a network of Certificated Enforcement Agents working for us.

Trusted bailiffs

When you instruct The Bailiff Company to remove travellers on your behalf you can rest assured that you are using a respected and trusted company. We understand all the correct legal processes and would not recommend anything illegal.

We are a recognised company through the CEAA (Civil Enforcement Agents Association). Our Managing Director, Eoin Hirst, is Chairman of the Northern Branch of CEAA.

Members of the association must hold a current Enforcement Agent Certificate in England & Wales under the Certification of Enforcement Agents Regulations 2014.

The association has a strict complaints procedure if a client has any issues about the work of an Enforcement Agent. You can find out more information about the CEAA here: www.ceaa.co.uk.

Any bailiff that we use must be a member of the CEAA, CIVEA (Civil Enforcement Association) or HCEOA (High Court Enforcement Officers Association). We would never use anyone that couldn’t produce any credentials.

You can find out more about how we can help you evict travellers from your land here.

If you want to discuss your requirements or have an urgent case that you need our assistance with please contact us.